One Year On.

Hey all,

So Just a quick update about where I’m at, what I’m working on, etc.

I’ve been doing a lot since Odyssey. None of it has been the King Callie sequel, and I don’t think it will be for a while.

The MG draft (a.k.a Goat Poop Mechas) is done; I moved on to a Fantasy YA series hereafter known as Fairy Law. I’m about 80% done with that. It’s taken a while because I’m also managing a job search at the same time, the stress has been distracting, and it’s been a tricky novel to write.

I’ve written multiple short story drafts, and I’ve got one completed short story in the Merely This And Nothing More Poe-punk anthology . It’s called “Silence, Stillness, Night”, and it’s a candlepunk retelling of Pit and the Pendulum.

I’m also working on a random short horror film screenplay. But all of this comes back to two things: 1) I need to finish Fairy Law before I get into Goat Poop Mechas. And 2) There will not be a second Callie book for some time.

I really got burned out on King Callie. There were a spat of bad reviews on Netgalley (which I found out later wasn’t kind to some of my other favorite authors, and tempered my reactions), and I spent two years writing it in different forms, pushing GPM and FL to the background. And to be honest, I wanted to write those more, but not as much as I wanted to have something PUBLISHED and done.

It was also a ton of work for not a lot of return. If I can sell either GPM or FL, that does infinitely more for my career as a writer than a second Callie book.

So I’m giving myself a breather, and I’m going to finish, edit, and kick those two out the door before considering my next options for projects. I’m really excited about GPM and FL, and while they’re not more Callie, I think you’ll enjoy them all the same. I apologize for the crazy cliffhanger at the end of Book 1 and not following up. It was just too much.

But when I do come back to the Callieverse, I’ll have leveled up significantly. So you can expect a killer book 2.



So, good news, eh news. I didn’t finish my MG draft by November. It’s going well, but it’s going very slowly. I’m maybe two chapters away from the end, and trying to focus on it to just get it done. I’m taking a different approach from this, and trying not to let myself get burned out the way I did when I was pushing through King Callie. That was a big issue. And while I’m very good at pushing through the slog, I found that doing that doesn’t always get great results. Sometimes it gets things done (and being done is important, possibly the most important part of writing), but it doesn’t always get things done *well*.

Also, I’m preparing a story for a friend’s -punk Poe anthology, a Candlepunk reworking of “The Pit and the Pendulum”. The tricky part, of course, being that Candlepunk isn’t widely written and it’s a little bit of uncharted territory. This was a last-minute request that’s been becoming something interesting. I’m not typically a short story writer, so it’s a bit of fun to rewrite something and take a different spin on it.

The plan remains the same; finish the MG novel, get to work on the Faerie book. I’m definitely excited to get started prepping that and working on it.

Here’s to 2016. Happy holidays, folks



Holy cats, I do NOT update this with any kind of regularity.

So, let’s go from least recent to most recent.

June-July: I attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. It’s fantasy/sci-fi/horror writing bootcamp with a heavy focus on short stories (admittedly my weakest and least-enjoyed type of writing). I learned a lot, got my writing whipped into a better form of shape than it’s ever been, and continue to grow.

I also rolled my ankle on some stairs, learned that New Hampshireites love their freedom (Fireworks every night for a full week before July 4th, and a full week after), survived on a minimum of sleep, and made a LOAD of new writing friends. Which is awesome. We try to catch up weekly via Google Video chat and stay on top of our writing resolutions.

August: I officiated my sister’s wedding. If nothing else I ever write touches that for significance, I think I can be okay with that. Just being able to do so was a privilege.

September: Got a new job that works around my writing schedule! Started second draft of a MG Fantasy novel about mecha pilots. It’s not the second King Callie book because I want to give this a shot first–it’s something I have a lot of passion for right now, I know that with my new Odyssey training I can knock it out of the park, and I hope it’ll get picked up by an agent.

October: Accepted to the Codex Writers. It’s a kick-butt online critique group / community of writers who are at the pro / semi-pro / talented amateur level, like me. This is positively huge in terms of my growth. Hoping I’ll be able to make the most of it.

The near-term goal is to have the second draft of the MG book done by November (during NaNo). After that, I haven’t decided whether to revise the outline and work on Callie #2 (which has some of my readers going through withdrawal right now, sorry guys) or get right into the YA Fantasy novel about the faerie legal system I’ve been kicking around for the past two years. The MG book takes top priority for getting finished, but past that… we’ll see.

King Callie – Preorder Contest!

11024969_10152842272034234_773784495_oIt’s finally done. Barring a few minor, last-minute things I’m trying to set up (backmatter link trades with some other awesome indie authors), King Callie is or will soon be up for preorder at all of your major e-book outlets (Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd, Oyster)… with the exception of the Nook Store, because I can’t put something up for preorder?


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Getting Punched In The Gut By Querying

I know there are a lot of people out there who write about their successes. It’s a popular thing to do in this social media age – everything is awesome! I did this big thing! I’m getting married! Babies! Promotions! Moving!

Today, we are going to talk about persistence in the face of failure. That is, failure while querying King Callie. Which is not the worst kind of failure, because the worst kind of failure either ends up with you out on your own with no money, in a gutter somewhere or just a sad, horrible mess because everything has gone wrong. When you put it in perspective, querying a book and getting turned down isn’t half as bad. It just sucks.

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Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

As promised in my review of Fangirl, I wanted to review all three of Rainbow Rowell’s books to date before I got into Landline. I’m a bad fan, because I didn’t even know Attachments existed up until two months ago.

No, seriously. I thought she only wrote two books. What does My Internal Mugatu think?

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The Things They Carried – Tim O’Brien

This book kicks ass. Go read it already.

This book kicks ass. Go read it already.

Allow me to preface this review with a statement: this is one of my desert island books. You know, as in “top 10 books you would take with you to keep you sane and entertained while sipping on a coconut milk smoothie, waiting for rescue in the comfort of your badass Family Swiss Robinson-style treetop crash pad?” Yeah. This is one of them.

You could qualify this and say, “But B! You’re a guy. It’s a war book. Of COURSE you’re going to pick this.”




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Eleanor And Park – Rainbow Rowell

In keeping with the build-up to my big tandem review of Rainbow Rowell’s LANDLINE (WE’RE PUTTIN’ THE BAND BACK TOGETHER) with my sis, L-Train (who goes by many names, but it’s the one nick-name I love most), I’m reviewing each of Rainbow Rowell’s outstanding previous novels. Including this one, which i guess a lot of people liked and gave prestigious awards to or something, and may have optioned it for a movie. Because, y’know, reasons.

So there’s a lot of built-up expectations around this book, and for the most part, this is the book that really broke the floodgates of YA love open for Rainbow Rowell, due in no small part to her immense talent or to the championing of resident awesome human being / chief Nerdfighter / totally not a giant squid of anger John Green. ENOUGH EXPOSITION. REVIEW TIME.

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The Legend of Eli Monpress – Rachel Aaron

Seriously, go and buy this book already. You won't regret it.

Seriously, go and buy this book already. You won’t regret it.

I’ll tell you this much: I’m incredibly glad I picked this collection, The Legend of Eli Monpress, up. It is hefty, but it is FREAKING AWESOME. Here’s why.

Do you like fantasy adventures where people steal things in crazy, outlandish ways, and stay one smirking step ahead of the law’s dogged pursuit the entire time? No?


You on board now?


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