Clearly, I’m the shark.

Hi! I’m B. Lynch. I do have a real person name, but that’s just not as fun.

I’m a 29-year old guy who writes books, writes for a mobile game company, and reads a lot.

(Official bio: B. Lynch is a New York area-based mobile game writer who also enjoys writing novels, reading fantasy and lit fic, watching 80’s action movies, keeping up with Downton Abbey, and vegan baking. He was once a fight scene extra in one of the worst fantasy movies of all time, so he figures it’s all uphill from there.)

I’m from a reading family, but I’ll be honest – I stopped for a bit in high school. I KNOW. THE SHAME.

L-Train, Me, and Poppa Bear. Like I said, family of readers.

L-Train, Me, and Poppa Bear. Like I said, family of readers.

I came back to it after college, after a metric butt-ton of partying, and it’s been a constant source of inspiration and entertainment since.

I’m big on Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels, and growing increasingly interested in YA, genre and otherwise – there’s a ton of cool books coming out there. But I also have a soft spot for Lit Fic, Mysteries, Magical Realism, Thrillers, Westerns and, believe it or not… Romance novels. (Gotta love that HEA)

My debut novel, King Callie, comes out April 23rd, 2015, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo. I’ll be publishing the yet-to-be-titled sequel in the Fall of 2015, and if all goes well, the final book in the trilogy will be dropping in Spring 2016.

This blog will be home for big announcements, previews, blog posts about the craft, and occasional rants about action movies.

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Dutch winter landscape wallpaper (Bart Hiddink) / CC BY 2.0