So, good news, eh news. I didn’t finish my MG draft by November. It’s going well, but it’s going very slowly. I’m maybe two chapters away from the end, and trying to focus on it to just get it done. I’m taking a different approach from this, and trying not to let myself get burned out the way I did when I was pushing through King Callie. That was a big issue. And while I’m very good at pushing through the slog, I found that doing that doesn’t always get great results. Sometimes it gets things done (and being done is important, possibly the most important part of writing), but it doesn’t always get things done *well*.

Also, I’m preparing a story for a friend’s -punk Poe anthology, a Candlepunk reworking of “The Pit and the Pendulum”. The tricky part, of course, being that Candlepunk isn’t widely written and it’s a little bit of uncharted territory. This was a last-minute request that’s been becoming something interesting. I’m not typically a short story writer, so it’s a bit of fun to rewrite something and take a different spin on it.

The plan remains the same; finish the MG novel, get to work on the Faerie book. I’m definitely excited to get started prepping that and working on it.

Here’s to 2016. Happy holidays, folks