Holy cats, I do NOT update this with any kind of regularity.

So, let’s go from least recent to most recent.

June-July: I attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. It’s fantasy/sci-fi/horror writing bootcamp with a heavy focus on short stories (admittedly my weakest and least-enjoyed type of writing). I learned a lot, got my writing whipped into a better form of shape than it’s ever been, and continue to grow.

I also rolled my ankle on some stairs, learned that New Hampshireites love their freedom (Fireworks every night for a full week before July 4th, and a full week after), survived on a minimum of sleep, and made a LOAD of new writing friends. Which is awesome. We try to catch up weekly via Google Video chat and stay on top of our writing resolutions.

August: I officiated my sister’s wedding. If nothing else I ever write touches that for significance, I think I can be okay with that. Just being able to do so was a privilege.

September: Got a new job that works around my writing schedule! Started second draft of a MG Fantasy novel about mecha pilots. It’s not the second King Callie book because I want to give this a shot first–it’s something I have a lot of passion for right now, I know that with my new Odyssey training I can knock it out of the park, and I hope it’ll get picked up by an agent.

October: Accepted to the Codex Writers. It’s a kick-butt online critique group / community of writers who are at the pro / semi-pro / talented amateur level, like me. This is positively huge in terms of my growth. Hoping I’ll be able to make the most of it.

The near-term goal is to have the second draft of the MG book done by November (during NaNo). After that, I haven’t decided whether to revise the outline and work on Callie #2 (which has some of my readers going through withdrawal right now, sorry guys) or get right into the YA Fantasy novel about the faerie legal system I’ve been kicking around for the past two years. The MG book takes top priority for getting finished, but past that… we’ll see.